Fionn McCann’s photography reveals the raw and the rare – his archaeological training feeds his curiosity to get under the skin of things. Whether his focus is on a quarry, roving Italian boar hunters or clean architectural lines, he delivers his signature rugged response.

With his easy rapport in tow, his portraits are shared moments of sitters in their most unguarded, animated states – each image opens an unexpected window to the personality. A natural storyteller and adventurous traveller, McCann’s work navigates a sea of images pointing us to someplace fresh and altogether authentic while pulling out the most interesting details from the blur.

McCann is as at home delivering carefully styled commercial projects as he is in capturing a charged glimpse of the everyday.


Clancy Moore, O’Mahoney Pike, Henchion Reuter, Goethe Institute, Newenham Mulligan, Stewart Construction, Kennedy Wilson, Jones Engineering, Chemistry, Evolve, Red Dog, Vermillion, Image Now, Allen Creative, Aer Lingus, Project Arts Centre, Stoney Road Press, Architectural Review, Architectural Digest, Image Interiors, The Gloss, The Sunday Times, The Irish Times, Cara Magazine.


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